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Vltava Residence is a new development project that is helping to transform Karlín into one of Prague’s most pleasant neighborhoods.

Located directly on the green banks of the Vltava River just 20 minutes on foot from náměstí Republiky – practically in the city center and yet surrounded by nature – Vltava Residence offers 105 new apartments for sale. Light, space, and harmony: These are the values that we have put into shaping the most beautiful places on Rohan Island.

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The project’s timeless architectural look is based on a design by Switzerland’s renowned EM2N studio.

The design immediately catches the eye with its elegance and pure form, the offset floor-levels of neighboring apartments, and windows reaching almost all the way to the floor. All these elements reflect the one thought that we had constantly in mind when preparing Vltava Residence – this is not a building for people who are willing to be bound by limitations or excessive ornament, but for those who are looking for an unpretentious environment where everything works as it should.


When it comes to living, there is no question that quality matters. But design does, too.

That is why Vltava Residence will feature not only studios starting at 35 m2, but also apartments as large as 300 m2 – and of course many sizes in-between. But Vltava Residence will be primarily for residents who value comfortable living and a modern lifestyle. All apartments thus feature a high design standard.


Covered balconies in each apartment. Sounds nice, but Vltava Residence offers even more.

The penthouse apartments will include large rooftop terraces where you can plant herbs, relax with friends, or enjoy a dip in a Jacuzzi. The balconies will face south towards the interior green space and the surrounding buildings, thus sheltering the apartments from the busy streets. The ground-floor apartments will have their own gardens – the perfect place for a relaxing breakfast or an early evening glass of wine with friends.


Comfort and convenience – thanks to a 24-hour reception desk and the possibility of taking an elevator straight to your apartment.

Vltava Residence is the only building in Prague to offer this convenience, which will be appreciated in particular by people who do not want to waste time or who place great value on privacy. The building will also feature cellar spaces and two underground parking levels. Several levels of security measures guarantee your absolute safety and security.


Want to pop out for coffee, freshly baked bread, newspapers, or flowers? Nothing could be easier: everything is right at hand.

Located right within Vltava Residence and the neighboring buildings, you will find a diverse range of shops, stylish cafés, a post office, a dry cleaning pickup point, and other services. One of the nearby buildings is planning an Italian delicatessen. And anything you won’t find here, you can find in the immediate neighborhood. Getting there will be easy, thanks to a friendly design concept that will bring life to the entire area: Some of the nearby streets will be for pedestrians only.

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Are you looking for a quiet, park-like atmosphere without giving up the hustle and bustle of busy city streets?

Look no further than the new apartments on Rohan Island in Prague’s Karlín district. Vltava Residence will be close to everything: restaurants, parks, playgrounds, schools, shops, public transport. Depending on your mood, you can enjoy a relaxing day under the trees along the river, get some exercise on the nearby courts, or throw yourself into the pulsating streets of a traditional Prague neighborhood.

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Karlín has changed enormously in the past 15 years.

Abandoned factories and warehouses have been converted into office buildings that have won awards in prestigious contests. Historical styles mix with modern architecture, and the revitalized neighborhood attracts artists, designers, journalists and people who want to live in a pleasant environment. Karlín’s cultural life no longer means just the Karlín Music Theatre, but also includes many popular galleries, studios, and shops featuring designer furniture and home accessories.


From Karlín, you can reach historical downtown Prague in a matter of moments.

From Vltava Residence, it is a comfortable 25-minute walk to the Old Town. By metro or tram, the journey takes just a few minutes: the Křižíkova stop is two blocks from the front door. A bicycle trail along the Vltava River leads right past the building. By car, it is one minute to Prague’s north-south arterial, which is the fastest way to reach the D1 to Brno, the D8 to Teplice or the D5 to Pilsen. Liberec and Hradec Králové are also reached easily from Karlín. The trip to Václav Havel Airport takes 30 minutes.


You will find a diverse range of services directly within Vltava Residence and the neighboring buildings.

Everything else can be found in the surrounding streets. One popular attraction is the local farmer’s market, where all generations regularly come together. You will also find a pleasant atmosphere in the Malá Provence gardening center. There is a supermarket for larger purchases, and choosing from Karlín’s many restaurants, bars, and pubs is a true joy.


Modern living is impossible to imagine without active lifestyle options and outdoor activities.

Vltava Residence will be surrounded by greenery from three sides, so all you have to do is go outside and hold a picnic on the grass. Both the bicycle trail leading past the building and the walking trail along the river are ideal places for jogging. A fitness and wellness center is just a 10-minute walk away, as is a golf course. On nearby Štvanice Island, you will find tennis and squash courts, plus a quiet park.


Because Vltava Residence borders on an established city neighborhood, there are several preschools and primary schools within walking distance.

The nearby primary schools offer modern teaching methods such as bilingual education in Czech and English from the first grade and a focus on the pupils’ personal development. Several nearby children’s centers and playgrounds are available for your child’s enjoyment all day long. Karlín is also home to the renowned A-centrum for families, which offers a diverse range of courses and programs for expectant mothers and for parents with small children.

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  • reinforced concrete foundation slab on piles


  • reinforced concrete monolith frame
  • reinforced concrete load-bearing walls

Aboveground floors

  • 1st-9th aboveground floors: reinforced concrete load-bearing walls


  • reinforced concrete slabs


  • ventilated facade – insulation system (mineral fibre insulation) + facade panels
  • partial contact insulation system (part of the southern facade of the wing facing Thámova Street, eastern facade by building’s expansion joint)


  • common hallways and staircases – ceramic tiles
Common Areas

Common areas - basement

  • parking garage
    - 2 underground floors of parking with shared vehicle entry and recorded camera monitoring
    - sensor-controlled lighting
    - vehicle entry – roller doors with contactless card reader and intercom to reception
  • cellars
    - brick or cement walls with solid full doors 

Common areas – aboveground floors

  • main building doorway
    - non-thermal-bridge profiles, insulated dual glazing
  • locks
    - main building entries – electromechanical locks with automatic locking and chip card entry
  • lighting
    - hallways, stairs and lobby – sensor-controlled
    - outdoor areas in front of entryway – sensor-controlled
  • mailboxes – sized for A4 envelopes, built-in nameplates
  • staircase railing – solid full railings or painted steel elements
  • elevator – passenger elevator in each vertical shaft, servicing all aboveground and common underground floors; elevator operated using contactless ID cards
Standard Features of Apartments

Interior walls – surface and finish

  • brick walls – plaster with corner beads
  • reinforced concrete walls – plaster or plaster-quality finish, white wear-resistant paint
  • ceilings – plaster or plaster-quality finish, white wear-resistant paint, gypsum board hollow beams or lowered ceilings in hallways and bathrooms for covering of pipes

Windows and balcony doors

  • wood (maranti) frame, EURO 78mm profile, insulated dual glazing
  • ground-floor windows with safety glass

Balcony and terrace railing: glass (safety glass)


  • main apartment door from stairs or common hallway
    - single- and double-winged, smooth, solid full, fire-resistant, veneer, white
    - security fittings and cylinders, safety class 3
    - steel security frame, safety class 3, matte white
    - self-closing
  • main apartment door from elevator
    - single-winged, smooth, solid full, fire-resistant, veneer, white
    - security fittings and cylinders, safety class 3
    - steel security frame, safety class 3, matte white
    - self-closing
    - sound-proof
  • interior doors
    - single- and double-winged, sliding and hinged, smooth, solid full or partially glazed depending on architect’s design, no thresholds
    - wooden inset doors with matte white paint
    - transition strips at interstices between two types of flooring 


  • apartment interior
    - bathrooms, WC, pantries – large rectified ceramic tiles
    - living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, kitchen corners, entryways – wood flooring (oak)
  • loggias - frost-resistant tiles; terraces in the 1st and 9th floor – timber lattice

Wall tiles

  • bathroom – large rectified ceramic tiles up to a height of ca. 2.4 m, horizontal joints
  • WC – large rectified ceramic tiles up to a height of ca. 1.2 m, horizontal joints


  • bathroom
    - white ceramic sink, reference product: Ideal Standard STRADA
    - faucet: upright lever mixer, chrome, reference product: Ideal Standard STRADA
    - plastic white bathtub, reference product: Ideal Standard STRADA Duo, Hüppe bath screen
    - depending on layout, in some units walk-in showers, glass screen, cast marble pan – reference product: Hüppe,
    - wall faucet, reference product: Ideal Standard STRADA, shower head – Idealrain Cube
    - white wall-mounted toilet, hidden tank, plastic seat, reference product: Ideal Standard MIA
  • WC
    - small white ceramic sink, reference product: Ideal Standard STRADA
    - faucet: upright lever mixer, chrome, reference product: Ideal Standard STRADA
    - white wall-mounted toilet, hidden tank, plastic seat, reference product: Ideal Standard MIA
  • kitchen
    - cold and hot water connections for kitchen corner covered with blind flange
    - drainpipe for kitchen sink covered with blind flange
    - kitchen cabinets, counters, ceramic tiling, final wiring and appliances not included
  • washing machine connection – rooms marked with a washing machine will be fitted with cold water and wastewater connections including washer hookup
Electrical Systems
  • copper wiring
  • outlets and light switches – single or double plastic light switches, single or double plastic power outlets, placement as per floor plan, reference series: Schneider Unica Quadro
  • lighting – in bathrooms and WC: ceiling-mounted light fixtures, wire above mirror; in other rooms: wired for lighting fixtures
  • television – shared rooftop TV antenna, possibility of satellite TV reception, TV cable outlets in all living spaces
  • data/telephone – data/telephone outlets in all living spaces
  • Intercom – front-door callbox with video camera, doorbells for units and video telephones with dual ringtone, electrically controlled opening of main building door
Water and Wastewater Disposal
  • plastic water and wastewater pipes in the units
  • consumption of warm and cold water measured separately for each unit, meters and turnoff valves located in utilities shafts with access door; remote meter reading
Heating and Warm Water
  • warm-water heating system, central heat exchanger in building’s basement
  • heat consumption measured separately for each unit using meters located in a niche with access door; remote meter reading
  • units fitted with non-ventilator in-floor convectors controlled by a spatial thermostat, remote-controlled valves and thermostatic valve heads; locally, steel panel radiators with thermostatic shutoff valve
  • in bathrooms: towel radiators with electrical heating element for combined heating in the summer and electrical underfloor cable mat controlled by thermostats with in-floor sensor installed along with the mat.
  • hook-up for cooling installed on the 6th–9th aboveground floors
    - copper pipes for circulating coolant between roof and unit, terminated at the utilities shaft
    - fittings for condensation drainage pipes
    - electrical wiring onto rooftop and in units near utilities shaft
    - steel framework for installation of exterior units on rooftop

  • kitchen – connection for range hood, pipe covered with blind flange
  • bathroom and WC – ventilation with delayed shut-off
The investor reserves the right to make changes that will not reduce the quality of the unit.


Conditions for financing the purchase of an apartment in Vltava Residence

The first payment (reservation fee) amounts to CZK 150,000 incl. VAT and is payable within 5 working days from signing a reservation contract (this amount is part of the purchase price). The second payment, 15% of the purchase price incl. VAT, is payable within 10 working days from signing an agreement on a future purchase agreement, and the remaining balance – i.e., 85% of the purchase price incl. VAT (excluding the reservation fee) – must be paid within 10 working days from the investor’s request for payment. The investor will request payment of this amount upon issuance of a building occupancy permit and after filing a request for registration of ownership.

Exclusive mortgage conditions

If you are considering financing your apartment at Vltava Residence with a mortgage, we can offer you the advantageous services of Hypoasistent. Not only does Hypoasistent offer special discounts for clients of Vltava Residence, but you will also find all banks’ products in one place. Hypoasistent will supervise the entire approval process, go over the contract with you and explain everything. The company will help you choose the right product (low interest rate mortgages, mortgages for foreigners, mortgages for businesses, no income verification mortgages, and more), will help you put together all the necessary documents, and will arrange all the formalities with the bank and the land registry office – all without unnecessary paperwork. Hypoasistent also provides a mortgage calculator for a quick mortgage overview. If you are interested, please contact Hypoasistent directly. The company’s helpful employees will advise you and prepare a mortgage calculation for any bank of your choosing.


Ing. Pavel Bultas
+420 739 329 456

Ing. Jitka Vágnerová
+420 739 329 444

+420 242 444 154 calc calc

For detailed information on financing options for the purchase of new apartments at Vltava Residence, please contact the sales office.

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The size of apartments

28. 01. 2016

For many people buying a flat is the highest investment in life - and especially, if you are buying it for your own living. Then you should think ahead and very in very best intentions in the entire decade. Do you have a family? Planning to increase it? Not plan once to work from home, which entails having room for yourself, or have a hobby to which you also need a specific place? In addition, here is true, that interest in larger apartments is growing constantly.
On the other hand, it is important to realize that the larger apartments logically also means higher operating costs - energy, maintenance and repair, heating costs, property taxes, insurance and so on. Deciding about the size of apartments is also most important factors to people, who are looking a new home, should be directed to the ideal. In offer of Vltava residence, you can find small apartments and luxury duplex suites, which will satisfy even a large family. With comfort, privacy, safety and peace - and it all in the center of Prague.

Prague of a hundred spears, Prague beautiful

21. 01. 2016

It may be a dispute about the fact, that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, even around the world? Czech Republic is clearly the most visited tourist destination. Only few cities around the world with its beauty can be measured with Prague, which is annually placed on the top positions of most attractive tourist destination, and also places to live.
Rugged surface (the lowest point of Prague is 177 meters above sea level,the highest 399 meters above sea level - between them is therefore 222 meters difference) allows visit of beautiful views, where you see center of city like on your palm. It also adds grandeur.The city is a great example how to balance the majestic historical architecture with modern buildings and also green - many cities of Europe could just envy to Prague because of parks and forests. Not only because of this reasons Prague is a prime address for living,which can equally recognize both: residents and developers. The projects, which in recent years grew, also offer luxury apartments in the city center - and one of those is our residence Vltava.

Almost sold out!

12. 01. 2016

High interest, that accompanies our newly built residence Vltava from the start of the project, are obviously tremendously pleased for us. It makes it very clear, that interest about modern apartments in a luxury version, which is located in the center of Prague are very huge.
We believe that we done everything to make our project rezidence Vltava more attractive. Perfectly chosen location picturesque Karlin is a great place to live - close to the culture, work, shops and schools, and yet in the middle of the city noises.
The materials and technologies that was used in the new building promising absolute privacy, peace and security. Location near the river Vltava brings to your residents bright and wonderful view over Prague.
Residence Vltava it is the symbol of luxury housing - and we know, that we produce project correctly, our most convincing numbers are: currently we have already sold out, it remains only few last apartments.


Winter is coming

21. 12. 2015

As stated the famous motto of the popular television series Game of Thrones - winter is coming. 21 of December is officially the first day of the coldest seasons, which distributes most of all the young and older generations. While the first wish snow and ice for games and pleasures, the others would make them more practical reasons (energy costs, danger during traveling, etc.) prefer to avoid. But since the winter wearing a "hidden" the Christmas and New Year celebrations, we all are looking forward to it.
Winter will not touch population of residence Vltava by her long freezing fingers. Quality heating in our apartments is commonplace. Adjustable temperature, floor connectors and the quality of processes and materials used ensures that the residence Vltava is always extremely pleasant, even if Grandfather Frost will, tried a lot.

Living in a satellite region or in the city?

07. 12. 2015

To decide between living in the center of Prague or in one of the satellite regions? Then know that commuting to work shortens life. The trend of migration to satellite regions around our capital city for peace and privacy ceases and the reason is very obvious - traveling to the city for work constitutes not only other demands on finance and energy, but also time. Have you any idea how much?
It's an average of two and a half hours per day! Nowadays it is very well possible to find luxury housing in the city, which protects your privacy and cares for your peace of mind by using the modern technology and quality materials. Among these are also our newly built Residence Vltava. Safe, caring about the privacy and serenity of its residents and offering luxury apartments i the area on the river Vltava in Prague's Karlin, right in the centre. A living in the city center saves the most valuable thing you have - your time.

Magic of the mirrors

30. 11. 2015

Are you acquiring a new apartment? You could enjoy a modern apartment on the embankment with glass overlooking the river and plenty of light? Your new apartment is spacious and airy? If not, never mind. Even in small and dark apartment you can do wonders with mirrors. But even in a luxury apartment that meets all your needs to access a daylight, the mirror will play a vital role.
Mirrors can also make little apartment more larger and dark illuminate. Rightly located mirrors bring light into dark corners, increase a small hall or compensate asymmetries in the apartment. The important thing is their location and also, what is reflect. Basket with dirty laundry and garbage are not what we would like to look in the mirror. Maybe you have to cope with interior designer, who will help you achieve the desired effect by using mirrors.
Use powerful magic of the mirror on your own benefit, to help you feel in new luxury apartment in Residence Vltava well and happily.

Residence Vltava - grew like from water

16. 11. 2015

Since september we have already approval, more than 85% of flats are successfully sold, in Residence Vltava now are waiting for us the most joyful moments - welcome our new residents, who will transform our modern apartments in their dream home and will give to our new building the most important aspect - life. We cannot wait to break out fullest in Residence Vltava.
We are glad, that our project attracted professionals (absolute victory in the price of architects in the competition Real estate projects 2014 is the unmistakable proof),but first of all those interested in luxury apartments, as confirmed a successful sale status. Also attracted the general public - many fans we have even on our Facebook page.
For all of you we have prepared time-lapse video, that shows, how the Residence Vltava grew. Floor by floor until final form in all its glory. The video is available on our YouTube channel here.

Where will your children grow up?

09. 11. 2015

Most people start thinking about a new flat when raising a family or when their family grows more than originally intended. At the time when children come, the needs associated with the housing are changing (and become more urgent). First, it is the size of the apartment. There is a need for more space – for playing, sleeping, bathing, cooking, laundry, children’s room, and last but not least on a little privacy for tired parents. Within easy reach of the new apartments, it is necessary to have good nurseries, schools, medical care, and the possibility of leisure activities for all age groups from toddler to teenager. Park walks with a pram, children’s playground, and various sports facilities, simply anything to insure that our children will have enough space for their enjoyment, and this will at least partly protect them from dangers that lurk in our time on every corner. It is associated with other criteria when selecting a new apartment – its immediate surroundings and its security, as well as a sufficient level of privacy, which it ensures. Luxury apartments in Residence Vltava meets the demanding requirements of the modern family in all directions. It will become a great place for your children. If you decide for a new apartment in Residence Vltava, you sure know that you did everything where your children will grow up.

It also depends on the public areas

29. 10. 2015

Luxury apartments, which arise for example in Residence Vltava in Karlin, are characterized in particular, their layout, a high standard interior equipment, the river views, attractiveness of the district, excellent transport accessibility, original architectural design, a good name of the design offices and a number of other factors. Not in the least, but also not to be underestimated, is the design, the safety and purity of the public areas, which have an unquestionable impact on the comfort of the living. Parts of the property, which are intended for the common use, define the law and includes, in addition to the basics, the roof, the main vertical and horizontal construction, any distribution of heat, water, electricity, gas and sewage, also entrances, stairways, hallways, boiler room, cellars or garage parking. In Residence Vltava, we really depend on the quality of the implementation of each of these areas.

Investing in real estate pays off

21. 10. 2015

According to experts, residential housing present an investment opportunity with a gain of five percent or more. However, in order, the purchase of investment housing to be advantageous and profitable investor should not be a mere layman. Ideally, applicant should obtain advice from professionals, or at least undergo adequate internet self-study. It is good to appropriately think through investment in housing, indeed, like all other investments. According to experts, the ideal purchase of investment housing is in locations where it can be assumed that their value will rise in the future. Such a location is Prague’s Karlin, nowadays one of the most dynamically developing areas of the capital city.

Do not forget the culture

10. 10. 2015

When choosing a new home, one must think of their cultural life. Cultural based natures are more certainly impressed in living in the center of Prague, which lives nonstop, twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. One of the most attractive parts of the city in the field of culture becomes Karlin, in which development project of luxury housing Residence Vltava arises.
Karlin musical theatre offers cultural nutriment for lovers of musicals and operettas. Moreover, music enthusiasts will also appreciate spaces for dancing. Besides clubs, there are located groups in Karlin, in which it is possible to learn, for example, the popular retro styles: swing, lindy hop and boogie-woogie.
Even fans of the fine arts do not come short in Karlin – the number of galleries in the area continues to grow. The best known are Litera Gallery or Karlin Studios in a former factory Hall. An important cultural station part in Karlin is also the Museum of the city of Prague. Near subway station Florenc, there stands one of the most popular Prague cinemas – Atlas, in whose program you can find mainstream and art-house film productions.

Oh, the silence

25. 09. 2015

If you live in an apartment, perhaps you have encountered a situation where you were bothered by noises coming from the neighboring flats. The loud music and parties, the explosion of gunshots of bang action movies, playing on a powerful home theater system, passionate meeting and nine month later its newborn results… Sometimes the neighbors are unruly selfish but sometimes the noise coming from the surroundings is not their fault. Sometimes it is the noise coming from the street – and it is mostly irritating. In these situations, a person understands all those who moved from flats or the city center of large cities to satellite areas or directly to the countryside. The good news however is that many of the current development projects offer the perfect solution – used materials and technologies guarantee its citizens the absolute peace of silence and privacy in the city center. One of these new buildings is Residence Vltava, prize-winning best real estate project of 2014.

Housing as an investment

17. 09. 2015

It is good to invest in real estate nowadays. Indeed, people are finding out that in addition to gold, diamonds and other precious metals and rare gems, shares and bonds, and other classic investments, investments in real estate are incomparably more understandable and mainly it is a practical alternative. Especially in Prague thanks to a constantly growing demand, the value of the real estate is growing.
According to the opinions of experts then mainly residential housing represents an attractive investment option with a gain of five percent or more. However, it is a good housing investment purchase in the locations in which it can be assumed that their value will grow in the future.
One of such examples in Prague is the town district Karlin. After the devastating floods in 2002, it is undergoing a major revitalization that changes its face beyond recognition. A pleasure for the eye is the growth of greenery in these parts of the city, another major element of Karlin's conversion is also the high interest of property developers.

We have occupancy permit!

04. 09. 2015

With great pleasure we announce that freshly completed Residence Vltava successfully passed official acceptance! At this moment we are finishing up the field work and preparing flats for transfer. Soon we will welcome the first customers who will be able to moving into their new home, in our new building. Life in Residence Vltava will erupt at full blast, which is extremely excited.

The success of the Residence Vltava project then is best illustrated by the sale status. From a wide variety of apartments of many size dispositions - from studio flats to luxury maisonette solution - it is sold more than 80 % of flats!

A high standard finish, a beautiful panoramic view over the capital city and the river Vltava, a unique way to live in the center of Prague - in a town district Karlin, currently one of the fastest growing district of Prague - without residents losing their safety, privacy and peace, its simply interesting. This makes us very pleased, because in fact it increases our confidence that we went the right way during the project.

So then: See you in Residence Vltava

Are you looking for the ideal living in Prague?

31. 08. 2015

What do you actually imagine under the term ideal? When moving, the primary is the need to put together a list of priorities according to which the selection of your new home will follow. Someone prefers the transport availability, others the proximity to work, someone the ratio of greenery and town buildings, others the quietness of the area, others need more high quality nurseries and schools for their children in the immediate vicinity or the doctor. Of course the indispensable influence plays the appearance of the apartment (or its potential to look alike the longed-for look), but it is a question relatively to any world coordinate. In short, everyone under the term ideal living imagines something completely different. Yet it is possible to find a district in the center of Prague, which meets the needs even of those most demanding – it is Karlin. A town district, which was reborn from water during the floods in 2002, and changed its face beyond recognition thanks to an anti-flood measures and consequent interest of developers, and today it ranks among the most progressive districts of Prague. It is exactly here in Karlin where Residence Vltava arises, development project offering luxury apartments in the area, where you can find peace of a mind, a great transportation accessibility and services, sport and culture, greenery and magnificent architecture. Moreover, with a great views of the river and the historic part of the Golden city in a new building Residence Vltava.

A purely Prague district

21. 08. 2015

Even though the history of Karlin is not in any way long (it was founded in 1817, therefore it is approaching its two hundred years birthday) and was, originally only a suburban district and now it is equal to locations such as Vinohrady, Vršovice, Dejvice or Žižkov. All of the above links together mainly by the fact that they are so-called “a city within a city” at first glance a self-contained district with people patriotically proud that they are Vinohraďané, Vršovičáci or Karlíňané. Since the 90s of the last century, when Ivan Hlas sang, “Karlin has a black soul”, the face of the Prague district literally changed beyond recognition. Paradoxically, the trigger for these amazing changes was a destructive flood in 2002, which Karlin has cleaned up and allowed the transformation to one of the attracted districts of Prague. The response to the floods were not only extensive flood protection measures, prepared for the water higher than a "hundred years water" from 2002, but also an unprecedented interest of property developers who have delivered Karlin being a center of modern architecture in Prague with their attractive projects. Because of that, you can find the ideal balance between modern and charming traditional architecture, between urban buildings and greenery, between residential, office, commercial and business buildings, plenty of sports and cultural exploits, in short – a perfect place to live. That is the reason why Residence Vltava arises in Karlin, a new building, in which residents of luxury apartments will be able to enjoy its Prague's district generously.

Foreign investors completely trust in anti-flood measures

10. 08. 2015

Even though the capital city of Prague was repeatedly surprised by the floods and their return is not excluded, living near the Vltava River has not lost its attractiveness. According to research, foreign investors attract new apartments on the waterfront, who have a good experience with so-called riverfront development in other European cities. Karlin by its nature, which means is an internal periphery of Prague, which is undergoing an extensive reconstruction and in which arise new buildings with luxury apartments, gives the unique opportunity. Preparation of the construction of new flats on the waterfront is very demanding and it takes several years of intensive work. It was even in the design of the Residence Vltava, where the authors of the project thought of every detail. An essential condition to start of construction near the river is always implementation effective flood control measures. These measures was taken in the locality of Karlín after the floods in 2002 and the whole waterfront, including the emerging of the Residence Vltava are protected by a system of flood control by the Vltava River walls, which are rated at a higher water level than the River reached in 2002. Living by the river has no doubt its own magic, and therefore are the luxury apartments on the waterfront near the city center are much desired. Sales of the luxury apartments overlooking the Vltava River is not declining, since their acquisition is still considered a very good investment.

Thefts in the apartments during the summer holidays are booming

20. 07. 2015

School certificates handed out, holidays started and the season when most of us will leave their residences for a longer time is here. However, holidays are popular season among not only the children, but also thieves use this season for their crimes. Police statistics show that during the summer holidays, the number of thefts and burglaries increases in houses and flats on average by 15% and the damage done only over summer months every year reaches more than 100 mil. CZK. Since the detection rate of thefts and burglaries are around twenty percent, we should be extremely cautious and secure properly our homes against burglary when going to vacation. Measures taken to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of modern flats in Rezidence Vltava? Reception functioning non-stop, camera system with recording that will monitor the common entrance to the parking lots, all entrances and elevator controlled by a card. All apartments are equipped with fireproof acoustic entrance door with a high degree of safety, as well as doorframes, hinges and safety lock.
You have nothing to fear with us!

Irretrievably lost time

17. 07. 2015

In the 90ies of the last century, thousands of Prague residents fled from the city center to the outskirts of the town or its borders with a desire to live in a peaceful and clean environment in harmony with the nature. However, many of them did not realize how much time it takes to get to school, work, shopping, sports entertainment, cultural activities and services. Commuting to the city center does not only take a lot of time, but also cost a lot of money, because usually one car is not enough for the family with children, and thus operating expenses related with living in a quite location is increasing. The optimal solution is living close to the city center, where all the shops, services, schools, preschools and sport available on foot, or by public transport, but at the same time is ensured the appropriate measure of calm and privacy. New buildings growing on the territory of Prague, in which above-standard flats are for sale from the smallest sizes to the spacious luxury apartments, even near the city center. One of the options, where you can currently buy a high-quality apartment and live almost in the Centre, is the Karlín. Rezidence Vltava is built directly here on the waterfront, in which will arise 105 high-standard flats overlooking the river. Those who will choose the residence in Karlin will not have to worry about commuting and further losses of precious time. And even without the fear of losing touch with the nature – after the revitalization of the Rohan Island, they will have plenty of green and recreational zones directly behind the windows of their new apartment, where they can actively spend saved time.

Do not fall for your emotions when buying an apartment

07. 07. 2015

To find housing in Prague that will best suit for the whole family is usually a quite difficult task, and only few succeed to satisfy their housing situation for the first time. This is because of the fact that most people yearn exactly what they don’t have, that means that owners of the apartments in tenement building want to own a brick apartment, and residents of brick apartments yearn for a family house. Renters of the older buildings would prefer new buildings, apartment dwellers in the city center would like to live on the outskirts, and conversely, people from the periphery would like to live in the city center… Each of these variations has its advantages and disadvantages, and all of the pros and cons must be answered by them self when buying a flat in Prague, without emotions, based on their own experiences and rational thought.
A logical solution therefore seems to be living in a modern new building, such as Rezidence Vltava. It meets high demands of all the groups – its location complies fans of greenery (That beautiful view of the river!), even those who want to live in downtown. Used technologies and materials will deliver on the apartments of Residence Vltava features of a family house – peace, quiet, privacy and comfort – in an apartment that does not require financial and energy intensive care.

Comparison: Panel flat – brick apartment – apartment in the new building

25. 06. 2015

It is good to know that panel flat does have a lower purchase price and relatively low operating cost, but you can hear everything in there, it is a problem to park in front of the building and residential investment could significantly increase the contribution to fund repairs due to revitalization, or need of a total reconstruction of the apartment. While brick apartments has a larger dimensions of the rooms, interior with original layout, their purchase cost and especially the heating costs are higher. New modern apartments in new buildings are being built in attractive locations using modern technologies, the layout corresponds to the current requirements for housing.
If you are looking for a quality apartment in the city center, where you want to live for a long time, it is necessary to consider not only how the apartment looks, or the house and its immediate surroundings for today, but also how it will look in a few years. Luxury apartment can devalue further to a new construction in the near vicinity, change of the transport accessibility, removing the green areas at the expense of parking lots. But such inconveniences can be avoided if you decide for an apartment overlooking the river in Rezidence Vltava.

If you are looking for a living in Prague, first of all determine your priorities

16. 06. 2015

Older building or a new construction?
Do you want a flat? Then you have another dilemma: ''Older building or a new construction?'' Flats in older buildings carry a certain dose of romance, nostalgia and memories, however the cost of operation and maintenance of old flats aren't small and unless the whole building is not renovated efficiently, that brings more trouble than joy. New buildings are built from modern construction materials by using advanced technologies. Even during their designs, great emphasis are placed on ensuring privacy, energy saving and service availability. Although newly built flats are more expensive compared to older, they present comfortable living with less maintenance, which is an investment that will certainly pay off.
An ideal location for a new building
Another question that you need in the first phase of deciding on the acquisition of housing in Prague to ask, is the site selection. Is it the greenery, infrastructure, fast underground and tram connections, lower noise levels, easy access to services, the possibility of recreational sports and relaxation that is important to you? In that case, select the location of Karlin - Rezidence Vltava. It is not a compromise, it's an excellent choice. You will obtain a luxury flat in a new building in the dynamically developing area that has the ambition to become the second center of the capital city.

Sports - the way to health

05. 06. 2015

For today the life in the megalopolis is designed for people who lead active lifestyle. The majority of apartments are built in places which allow the leisure for the whole family. There are bicycle paths where skaters or mothers with children come, city parks full of greenery that urge you for a Sunday stroll or jog. Building street gyms. It is no different in Karlin, neighborhood in the center of Prague where the new construction Rezidence Vltava will soon open. In the immediate vicinity of luxury apartments, residents will find running tracks, swimming pools, golf club or tennis courts on the legendary island Stvanice, settlements oldest tennis club in the Czech Republic. Our capital city is gradually changing its face so even when living in the city center, you can count on plenty of space for sports activities.

A view from the window

25. 05. 2015

Not everyone is lucky enough to live surrounded by the nature with a spectacular view of the forest or to buy a house with a garden. Plant a beautiful garden and ensure so that, every season something nice will grow, and during the winter insure it with evergreen trees. Many people today prefer living in the city. Whether because of its easier way to work, nearby services, schools and preschools, restaurants and shops, as well as cultural events. However, in the city you can also get a living that will ensure the aforementioned beautiful views of the nature.
You don’t believe it? Development projects in Prague such as Rezidence Vltava has it on mind. Moreover, it is the reason of creating new appartments near the Vltava River with its view. You can enjoy its view every day at the family table during the breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, if such appartment offers a spacious balcony or a terrace, you can enjoy the light breeze, what more can you ask for a Sunday morning.

Enjoy barbecues in the center of Prague

18. 05. 2015

In the company of friends, the smell of steaks prepared on a hot grill, mouth-watering tastes and much fun. You can enjoy many pleasures in the apartment right in the center of our capital city to which ordinarily you will need a garden near the house somewhere outside Prague or on the countryside. And without you taking care of the garden and the house. A spacious terrace is simply sufficient. A bench, a table, chairs and a grill fits there - simply everything you need for a summer gathering with your friends over a good piece of meat. Project of a modern development of modern apartments Rezidence Vltava in the city center, offers to its residents such possibilities. At barbecue and gatherings with your friends you can enjoy the stunning view over the hundred spires city, whose fame touches the stars and scenic river Vltava. Luxury apartments with a spacious terrace in Rezidence Vltava will satisfy even the most demanding.

Soak up the sunshine

05. 05. 2015

There are a variety of studies showing a beneficial effect of the sunlight on the human organism - his body and psyche. It reduces stress, eliminates fatigue, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol, and stabilizes level of sugar in blood. Thanks to that, a skin forms vitamin D, whose deficiency leads (not only) to a failure of the bone metabolism. Tanning strengthens the immune system, it leads to destruction of bacteria and increases the production of antibodies. It also can help with insomnia. Just 10 - 15 minutes a day to expose your skin to sunlight. If you can’t spend the whole year in the mountains, on vacation at the sea or in the garden, definitely get yourself a flat with a terrace, balcony or loggia. So you will be able to enjoy the sun in your own home every sunny day. You will invest in your health and psychological contentment by this way. Even in the center of Prague, you can buy an apartment with a balcony or loggia, or a luxury apartment with a spacious terrace - for example Rezidence Vltava.

Royal name

28. 04. 2015

The development project Rezidence Vltava could hardly get a better name. Even since the early medieval times, kings quite often changed their settlements. Only when they have settled down permanently in one place, they called their opulent dwelling a residence. The word residence, was a few centuries ago marked as the permanent seat of the rulers, and later diplomats and high-level political leaders. In short, a palace and a residence of the highest luxury. However, nowadays, the word became synonymous with luxury residence housing. And just such as that, Rezidence Vltava symbolizes.
And the second half of the name? Certainly there is no need for an introduction of our longest river, the royal river Vltava. Where, however, her name comes from? Entomologists say that most likely from the old Germanic phrase "With" - "ahwa" which means white water. Who have ever rode down by the upper part of its source, can confirm such epithet with a clear conscience.

Prague is blessed place to live

21. 04. 2015

Only few cities around the world can be compared with Prague for its beauty, a Queen of hundred towers of Czech Republic, which is repeatedly placed in leading positions not only for the most attractive tourist destination, but also a places to live at all. For centuries Prague fascinated with its grandiosity, which is derived from an impressively indented surface of the metropolis, the historic center full of wonderful examples of magnificent architecture and the perfect balance between urban development and greenery which cities of western civilization can only envy. At the same time, one could say that the Czech metropolis never sleeps. Not only because of all these reasons Prague is a lucrative address for living, which are equally aware of both its residents and developers. Projects which have grown in recent years, offer the possibility of luxury apartments in the heart of the city, despite whose inhabitants don't lose their privacy and tranquility. One of such projects is Rezidence Vltava, which will be completed within this year under a plan of revitalization of Rohan Island in Karlin, the fastest dynamically growing part of the city center.

A new wave of migration to the cities

14. 04. 2015

The results of the Czech Statistical Offices shows that the trend of emigration from the cities to villages and into satellite communities is slowly but surely turns, and the population of the Czech nationality in large cities are growing again. One of the highest numbers in this direction then of course has a "mother of cities", Prague. Although countryside areas are not left behind with the basic services so far, as was customary in the past, people are moving into cities mainly because of the career, studying or for the employment opportunity. The economic situation in large cities are undeniably stronger - and the strongest is then in Prague, the area with the lowest unemployment rate and the highest average salaries in the Czech Republic. Living in Prague is therefore again a big attraction. Another important factors are all the services, variety of cultural activities and sports activities practically at your doorstep, which is a great attraction especially for the younger population. Senior citizens living in the cities in turn acknowledge the quality of public transport.

Safety in Rezidence Vltava

06. 04. 2015

Roller shutter doors equipped with a security card reader and camera system with the possibility of recording right at the entrance of the common underground garage, will take care about the safety of the automobiles of the inhabitants of Rezidence Vltava. Lighting controlled by motion sensors is matter of course nowadays. And also the main entrance to the building will be unlockable with a card. Doors of the apartments of Rezidence Vltava meet strict safety standards of class 3: they are fireproof and equipped with safety fittings and door inserts, steel door frame with self-closing. This also applies to the modern variant of the doors directly from the elevator, which some luxury flats have. The main triumph in securing the property of the inhabitants of Rezidence Vltava represents a reception with nonstop service operation. Living in the city center has never been safer.

Safety is always in first place

25. 03. 2015

One of the most important characteristics of an ideal living is without doubt the safety. Caves provided protective arms for our primitive ancestors million years ago, and in that direction human requirements hasn't changed. Conversely. Life in big cities is associated with the pitfalls in the form of crime. Truth is, that there is no chance to avoid countryside areas too, but cities with high population density, however, are more often faced with this civilization nuisance in a higher frequency, and police statistics are so ruthlessly bleak every year. The most risky parts of the metropolis are naturally the center. However, Prague grows modern development projects such as Rezidence Vltava. In new luxury apartments of impressive new buildings, its residents can live and go on vacation fearless nor without searching the related superintendent. Its designers from the very beginning thought not just on the maximum comfort and tranquility, but also the safety - while its residents will not feel restriction of movement.

2015: One year of Rezidence Vltava

18. 03. 2015

The year 2015 will belong to Rezidence Vltava. The new building in the center of Prague will be completed this year and its luxury apartments will welcome its first residents. Modern architectural design of Rezidence Vltava is based on the concept of the renowned Swiss studio EM2N. They have already successfully represented themselves with a building in Karlin - Keystone is an unmistakable compliment for a Czech cubism in the last century. Development project Rezidence Vltava has promised a living at a highest degree of comfort. Wide variety of services and shops will be located directly on the premises of Rezidence Vltava, everything else will be practically at hand. Karlin is now one of the fastest growing areas in Prague, thanks to the plans for revitalization of the Rohan Island, on which Rezidence Vltava is rapidly growing, will also be able to boast magnificent ratio between development and greenery. Great schools, a rich menu of cultural events, delicious restaurants, sporting events or meditative walk in the park for "Karlíňané". So perhaps it would be good to modernize the famous quote from a play of Jara Cimrman Theater - Záskok: '' Everybody would want to live in Karlin!''

Everybody wants the luxury

09. 03. 2015

Not only families are looking for luxury housing. The phenomenon of the present time is so called singles. They work a lot and usually do not suffer from a lack of financial resources but demand a high quality for their money. They generally have high requirements, and that obviously applies for living. They seek luxury and comfort as well as a wide range of possibilities in the immediate vicinity. And that's why living in the center of Prague is ideal for them, where they have everything they need literally at hand. Today's development projects are trying to accommodate to these requirements. Rezidence Vltava offers a wide range of luxury apartments of various sizes, including large suites in the city center, an original new building in Prague's Karlin. Its luxury apartments undoubtedly meet the high requirements of family living and a challenging vision of singles.

The best for the family

02. 03. 2015

People want to indulge for themselves and for their family members luxury living with all the comforts. So many do not desire to move out to a satellite by the Prague, where the mother of children practically becomes a taxi driver for many other years. Nor became a slave to the house or the garden. They want to spend more time with their children, traveling or cultural life. They want to have everything at hand - for themselves and for their children. They don't want to spend endless hours in a traffic jam on the way to work or home. They want to go to a good restaurant somewhere close, for a family Sunday lunch. They want to provide their children with a quality education school near the residence. By living in the city center this terms are detail filled.

Size does matter

23. 02. 2015

Bigger is simply better. Developers have recently witnessed an interesting trend in sales of the apartments in the new construction - a growing interest of larger apartments. It is not surprising. Strong times have come, so called Husak's children and they start building families. And they don't always remain with only one or two children.
Three and four children for today is no exception, a large family is simply again in the course. And a large family needs a large apartment. Every child after all will come to an age when a privacy is required.
In the offer of Rezidence Vltava apartments there can also be found luxury apartments that will satisfy large families. With comfort, privacy and tranquility - in the center of Prague.

A bit of terminology

16. 02. 2015

Like any other specialization, construction has its own special terminology too that constructors control brilliantly, but some of the terms might not be completely understandable for the layman. Under normal circumstances, this lack of unawareness does not mind, but if one considers to buy a luxury apartment in Prague, he should have the maximum information when deciding, i.e., that he should be interested in of what technology and materials is the construction built. And in that case it is good to orientate in the construction jargon and imagine what it is. And in that case it is good to orientate in the construction jargon, for example to imagine what it is the reinforced concrete monolithic skeleton, ventilated facade, dilatation joint, rectified tiles, possibly the final corrective screed.
With the aforementioned terms you may encounter e.g. on the website of Rezidence Vltava, which is growing on the waterfront in Karlin. But what to imagine under the following terms, which appear and are in connection with high standard apartments overlooking the river?
Reinforced concrete monolithic skeleton column is actually a "skeleton" of the building, whose main advantage is high strength, toughness, and spatial variability.
Ventilated facade - the principle is that the perimeter wall and the external wall, or inserted thermal insulation remains with and air gap which allows continuous ventilation of walls.
Dilatation joint is an artificial joint separating the structure into parts that can shrink or stand alone, thereby avoiding unfavorable disturbances that may arise from volume changes.
Rectified tiles - this is a tile whose edges after burning were additionally ground down so as to eliminate the natural fluctuation in sizes of ceramics and reduced dimensional tolerances of the pieces to a minimum.
The final adjustment is the screed mortar based on cement, fine fillers and modifying admixtures with excellent adhesion to concrete substrate, permanently resistant to water, weather and frost.

Meaning of common areas also confirmed by movie quotes

09. 02. 2015

"And I wanted to ask if you have a cellar. Do you have a cellar? And could I see it? "This is one of the iconic lines of one of the participants of twelve times apartment exchange of event Kulový blesk, she have thought of everything in this transaction. And how it will be with the common spaces for residents of Rezidence Vltava? Common spaces in residence on the riverbank of Vltava will be just as high standard as the local apartments. Apartment owners will be able to use two floors of parking spaces guarded by a camera system, all lighting common spaces will be controlled by a motion sensor, entrance doors equipped with electronic locks with an automatic lock and an elevator operated with identification contactless cards. And of course there will be a cellar available. Walled. With full doors.

It also depends on common areas

02. 02. 2015

Luxury apartments in Prague, which arise e.g. in the Rezidence Vltava in Karlin are particularly characterised by their layout, high standard of interior equipment, river view, neighborhood attractiveness, excellent traffic accessibility, original architectural design, good name of the projection office and a number of other factors. Don't underestimate the design, safety and purity of common areas, which have a considerable effect on comfort living.
Common parts of the property defined by law
Parts of the property, which are intended for common use are defined by law, and includes besides the foundation, the roof, main vertical and horizontal structures, all distributions of heat, water, electricity, gas and drainage, staircases, corridors, boiler rooms, cellars, garage parking. Common parts of the exclusive use by the flat owners are also balconies, terraces and loggias structurally linked to the dwelling unit, which although are used only by the owners of the apartments, but belong obligatorily to common parts of the house.

You don't have to worry about leaving your luxury apartment anymore

26. 01. 2015

From the very beginning, designers of Rezidence Vltava were thinking about maximum security and property protection of tenants. All common areas, ie. corridors, staircase, entrance hall, the open space in front of the entrance the parking spaces will be equipped with motion sensors lighting, parking will additionally be monitored by a camera system with the possibility of recording, the entrance into the parking spaces will be provided with a card reader. The entrance glazed with a safety double glass will be equipped with electromechanical locks with an automatic locking controlled with a card, and the reception operating non-stop. You will be able to use the elevator by cards, which will lead to each apartment. The new building puts a great emphasis also on the quality of the entrance door. All luxury apartments will be equipped with a fireproof acoustic entrance door of 3rd safety class. Frames, fittings and safety pads will also achieve the same level of protection, so whoever buys a new quality apartment in the center of Prague won't have to worry about leaving the apartment anymore, and even can go for a trip around the world with a calm heart.

The residence is the safest form of housing in Prague

19. 01. 2015

As can be seen from the informations of renowned development companies, the demand for luxury apartments in Prague is rising even among people who previously couldn't afford high standard housing. The main reason is indeed improving financial situation of the capital city's population and the associated availability of mortgages. Indispensable cause of high interest for residences in the city center is however also the high level of safety of residential housing. Many people often travel on business or leisure, and often spends for a long time away from home. In a such situations they must deal with the problem of who will reliably guard their apartment in Prague during their absence. And even if they manage to find someone responsible, they are not completely at peace while away, because police statistics tend to be uncompromising in case of theft in homes.

Architectural studio does not want to be indifferent to people.

12. 01. 2015

In Zurich studio EM2N architects focus on designs that have their own particular personality and allow you to develop your own character. Whereas that their projects may polarize the public, but it is actually the intention of the artists who strive so that no one would be indifferent to their designs, regardless of whether they love or hate architecture. Owners of the studio Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli have a total of 70 employees, with whom participate successfully in competitive projects in Switzerland and foreign countries. Probably the most interesting out of their completed projects is the revitalization of the old railway bridge in Zurich (2010), which strikingly resembles Pragues Negrelliho viadukt. Architects here cleaned the old bridge spans and built in to them containers with galleries, shops and cafes. The portfolio realized projects include, for example the cultural and congress center Thun (2011 ), a new school campus applied at the University of Arts and Sciences in Zurich (2006 ), Oceanarium in Basel, the numerous administrative and residential housing throughout Europe. Studio EM2N has won several prestigious awards including the price best architect, and ambitions to obtain real estate project of the Year award in the competition has Residence Vltava.

A good address increases the social prestige

05. 01. 2015

As well as in the fashion the symbol of luxury goods are the reputable brands, in architecture and construction it is the architectural ateliers. Depending on, which brand of clothing, shoes, watches or perfume a person prefers, it sends a range of information on its personality to surroundings. Similarly it is in housing. People are increasingly searching for so-called good addresses and if their house is designed by a known architect and luxury flat equipped by desired designer, their social prestige yet more rising. Thanks to the Swiss architectural design studio EM2N Rezidence Vltava will soon become a good address, which is being built on the waterfront in Karlin, in which will be 105 apartments overlooking the river.

Maisonette apartments are becoming more popular. The advantage is mainly maximum privacy.

22. 12. 2014

Maisonette is defined as multistorey apartment in residential house. Usually it looks like this, the kitchen is associated with the dining room, residential space and accessories on the ground floor, several bedrooms and a second bathroom is on the upper floor. Thanks to the large windows, and often the terrace, maisonette apartment offers beautiful view which is the case as well as in Rezidence Vltava in the Karlin, where such apartments are situated so, that their residents could enjoy the most romantic views of the historical center of Prague and Vltava River. Some designers of maisonette flats are inspired in foreign countries, for example in England. The vertical layout of flats are quite natural for Englishmen and they hardly understand how people voluntarily tolerate the disadvantages of placing all the rooms on one floor. Some of apartments in the city center will have a touch of traditional England thanks to the maisonette, exactly in the new residential complex Rezidence Vltava.

Think of the apartment furnishings already on acquisition.

15. 12. 2014

It is good to think of how we would want to equip our future home when acquiring it. The style of the furniture accessories etc.. . When devising layouts there are important not just informations about the flat area in square meters, but also the floor plan, whether the table will fit in the dining area for all persons, or whether the big bed which we dreamed of will fit the bedroom,or whether if the sofa won't take that much space in the living room for crawling. First and foremost it is important to remember, to have a flat with enough space and the layout has been properly solved, perhaps in such way as apartments on the waterfront in Rezidence Vltava are solved. And of course at the final stage when furnishing the new apartment,it always depends on the taste of its residents, so that their high standard apartment in Prague was harmonious space to which they will gladly return every time.

An apartment with a balcony, loggia or a terrace?

08. 12. 2014

While balconies have certain advantages, for example they could serve to postpone various unnecessary stuff, but more disadvantages due to today's demands for housing. Balconies do not provide appropriate privacy, in particular for a windy weather they are relatively noisy, nor their appearance does not match its visions of aesthetic housing. Loggia protects the apartment in the windy weather. Their construction is created so it protects the apartment from the rain, hail and snow very good. If they are glazed and shaded, they protect against excessive sun, and gusts of wind. Loggia could be used as another residential apartment part, where you can spend a free time. Terrace is an outdoor part of the building designed mostly for the relaxation and social events. Among city apartments terraces are still more desirable high standard that significantly increases comfort housing, which is confirmed by the demand for luxury apartments in the Rezidence Vltava.

Karlin - transforming industrial circuit in residential area with the new flats

01. 12. 2014

Despite the fact that its history is not in comparison with the other peri-urban municipalities of Prague not long, it became the first suburban municipality, which was officially promoted on the outskirts of Prague.
Its specific atmosphere of továrenska district Karlin began shifting its change in a year 2002. City of Prague has invested considerable resources of flood protection measures, and so it was possible to build new luxury apartments overlooking the river Vltava directly on the waterfront.
After Karlin has introduced new changes in transport, it has become perspective in residential districts for the entire metropolis. Its great advantage is the location, availability, civic amenities, public space expanding the areas intended for sports and relaxation.

High quality locations for living near the city center

26. 11. 2014

Generally the level of habitat that increases the interest in selling luxury apartments in Prague, judged by the following criteria:

• Good accessibility by car and public transport
• All civic amenities in place, such as kindergartens, schools, doctors, restaurants, cultural and sporting facilities etc.,
• Close to grocery stores, daily consumption of goods, services
• A high level of safety
• Plenty of space for relaxation in the surroundings, eg .: parks, gardens, walks by the river, pond, etc..

Important role when choosing a high standard apartment in a new building is of course an apartment size, high level of standards ( windows, safety, glass, quality cladding ), spacious balcony or terrace and a beautiful view from the apartment. All assumptions to be known as the Pragues excellent location for living has Karlin, which is thanks to the metro, tram line and city center very easily accessible, has good civic amenities and thanks to the revitalization of the area there are gradually created more space for relaxation. Karlin Residence Vltava moreover provides a beautiful view of the river, which boasts a truly just few developer.

It is not necessary to commute due to privacy

19. 11. 2014

An architectural phenomenon of the 90s - satellite towns have a number of people lately too suitable. Many began to look for living in the city, which would give them plenty of privacy, all services at hand and no commuting. The ideal solution is Rezidence Vltava.
All luxurious apartments of Rezidence Vltava are in fact designed to provide its residents plenty of peace and privacy.
The advantage is also a close public transport, offices, a dense chain of shops, easy access to health care, the possibility of operating a large number of cultural and sporting activities. Each high standard apartment also includes spacious loggias and terraces that give room for gardening from behind the window of your own apartment.

The center of Prague, luxury apartment overlooking the river and a herb garden to it.

12. 11. 2014

Sci-fi? No it's the reality.
Even such luxury living is offered by Rezidence Vltava in Prague's Karlin. Greenery is one of the most important factors positively affecting humans and the surrounding microclimate. Architects who designed the luxury apartments in Rezidence Vltava had it in mind. Each of 105 apartments has its own front garden, terrace or spacious balcony which is a great place for gathering with friends relaxation and sports. But at the same time there is also an opportunity for the "home gardening" . Cultivation of herbs in a luxury apartment of Prague is certainly unusual, but very interesting hobby that brings benefits to the whole family and nothing compares to a fresh seasoning.

Residence Vltava – The absolute winner!

07. 11. 2014

Our project Residence Vltava – is a construction with high standard luxury apartments near the city center and close to nature, won a well-deserved award ABSOLUTE WINNER of Czech Republic, awarded by professionals chosen among architects.
Additionally, in Prague 8 region, we were the most successful of all the projects and won all the awards.

The awards were:
• Prize of the chosen jury from real estate professionals
• Prize of the chosen jury from numerous architects
• Public Award

We are very grateful for your votes and support that helped us obtain the Public Award.

No noise, only silence,calmness and nature at your fingertips.

05. 11. 2014

 Luxury flats in the new buildings have many advantages. One of the biggest is the maximum privacy and elimination unwanted noises inwards and outwards. The authors were aware of how important is peace and quiet for psychological well-being of each person of the Rezidence Vltava project. There were used such technology and construction materials during the construction of the new apartments in Karlin, which prevents most unwanted noise transmission between flats. Residents of Rezidence Vltava will not interfere with each other by spoken word, loud music, television, stamping, laughter or ringing phone, etc ...

Ideal living in the center of Prague

29. 10. 2014

But what actually is it? Good public transport accessibility? The proximity of nature? Culture, entertainment and sports facilities nearby? Plenty of stores? Different criteria are important for young childless couple, others for families with small children other for the "first born". In search of permanent accommodation it is good to think ahead. Young couple should consider the proximity of nursery, school .. and certainly the doctor, etc..
They arise new residences with hundreds of luxury apartments in the immediate vicinity of the city. They offer quality quiet and peaceful living in one of the most desirable locations which benefits from the vicinity of the city center, very good public transport connections, sufficient greenery and additional services in Karlin. It is therefore no coincidence that Residence Vltava builds right here, which luxury apartments with views of the river are almost half occupied now.

The view of the Vltava River from the window of a luxury apartment in Prague.

16. 10. 2014

There are only a few parcels on the banks of the river of Prague, that would allow the construction of new apartments on the waterfront and only few investors can be proud of that their renters of luxury apartments in close proximity to historic city center will have a window view of the river. Residents of Residence Vltava in Karlin will have this great advantage - a beautiful view of the river from the comfort of the apartment. After finishing the new construction and reconstruction there will be more advantages in Karlin. Offices, shops, park, sports facilities and a rest zone that all will be available for residents of Rezidence Vltava.

Rohan island

09. 10. 2014

 Rohan island originated in 1550 on the site of of the river lodgement. In 1882, a harbor was built on the island, which was modified four times in the following years. The final extinction of Karlin harbor brought relaying of the Holešovice meander in the nineteen-twenties. The blind branch of the Vltava River was finally completely backfilled in 1948. Development plans of the island are boldly, except for administrative and comercial buildings there are built luxury apartments overlooking the river. And it is exactly here where Rezidence Vltava will stand,whose residents will admire stunning view of the river, and the new "green island" in the center of Prague.

The amount of new apartments in Prague were affected by crisis, but the demand is not decreasing

02. 10. 2014

Several years in a row there were less apartments built than sold in Prague. A number of developers limited or postponed their plans because of the crisis, some even bankrupt. Demand for new apartments in Prague have revived faster than expected and as the preparation and realization of the housing project takes time, it is sold more apartments in recent months than are actually completed, and the same development is expected to continue this year. Because of these reasons those interested in new apartments in the center of Prague have limited choice, and so are increasingly willing to buy premium apartments that are still under construction, or even still in the design stage. This trend is confirmed by the example of Residence Vltava, which launched selling apartments in November last year, but construction began a month later and currently has about half of the luxury apartments sold, or at least reserved. And soon even you'll be able to have a look at the model apartment.

Negrelli Railway - the dominant of Karlin

25. 09. 2014

 Most significant technical monument in Karlin by extension in the the whole of Prague is Negrelli Railway, which is also called the Karlín railway that connects Masaryk Station across the island Štvanice with Bubny. Negrelli Railway is historically the first Prague railway bridge over the Vltava River and after Charles Bridge is the second oldest bridge in Prague. Its construction was built between 1842-1846 and it was opened and presented on June 1, 1850 that means that the railway already serves nearly 165 years. The total length of the bridge is 1110 meters and until 1910 it was even the longest bridge in Europe, and today its one of the longest stone bridges north of the Alps. The railway is named after the Austrian engineer Negrelli Alois, who is also the author of the proposal for the construction of the Suez Canal.

Residence - it was earlier a Palace, now a building with luxury apartments

17. 09. 2014

The meaning of residence passed significant development over time. In the past, residence was the name for the permanent seat of the rulers, who often traveled and lived in various places of their territory. Nowadays it is still so called luxury residential house or even just a luxury apartment. Living in residences is due to its indisputable advantages, which are eg. calmness, privacy and safety, an increasingly popular and in demand. In the outlying parts of Prague arises in recent years a number of residences offering luxury apartments in new buildings. Customers can choose from a wide range of luxury apartments of various sizes and layouts but like Rezidence Vltava, can offer only very few of residences of Prague. Residence Vltava is unique due to its location close to the city center, the possibility of very fast and convenient transportation to downtown and out of town, but especially breathtaking view of the surface of the river, which allows only new apartments on the river bank.

Karlin - sport activities available to all

15. 09. 2014

One speaks quite often about the lack of movement of children and adults, and this was clearly confirmed by the scientific studies. People often have at hand as many excuses as to why it is not as much opportunities to actively do sports. The most common excuses are usually insufficient time and distance of sports ground. Residents of Rezidence Vltava however, will not have to make excuses about the unavailability of sports facilities, which will have an opportunity for sports in very close to their residence more than enough. Acquiring a luxury apartment on the Vltava river bank also brings advantages such as the bike trail at the door of the new building, fitness, leisure center and golf course within only ten minutes , tennis courts and squash are on the opposite island Štvanice. Just a few steps from the apartment by the river leads a trail on which it is possible to operate jogging, so local residents can do sports and don’t belong to almost 70% of the population that suffers from a deficit of physical activity. Residence Vltava gives future owners a unique opportunity to own a luxury apartment in Karlin, live almost in the center and at the same time stay healthy.

Luxury is a standard in Residence Vltava - safety first

29. 08. 2014

 From the very beginning, luxury apartments designers of Residence Vltava, were thinking of maximum comfort, tranquility and safety for new flats' future residents.
Therefore, construction of residences in Karlin were designed with materials and technology that meet the highest demands of modern living in Prague.
Used materials and technology are of high quality, ecological and energy efficient, for example: a mineral fiber isolation is used for the building facade and wooden EURO windows are with double-glazed insulating glass.
Ensuring maximum safety is one of the essential requirements when acquiring a housing and in the case of new dwellings, demands on peace and security even higher.
Residence Vltava is preparing such measures, so that the owners of luxury apartments, as well as their assets are effectively protected, and in so doing, while residents owning luxury apartments on the Vltava embankment, would not feel any restrictions in freedom of movement.
Residence Vltava apartment owners will be able to comfortably and safely park their vehicles in two underground parking floors.
Common entrance will be monitored by a recording camera system, and as a matter of course, there will be a motion sensor lighting for parking places with contactless card readers for an entry connected with the reception.

New build is not what it used to be.

27. 08. 2014

 Quality materials and quality of work are now basis Anonymous gray apartment houses in housing estates are replaced by smaller residences located in the greenery, yet close to the center. The level of living in an apartment in a housing estate and a comfort, which offers superior apartment, for example, in Rezidence Vltava, are incomparable. Since the times of housing estate construction, apartment layouts have been changed fundamentally, where space is so arranged, that one could use it to the last centimeter, was feeling comfortable in the new apartment, not limited by anything. A matter of course are quality building materials and quality work. Luxury apartments that are for sale in Rezidence Vltava, are having large format ceramic tiles in their bathroom and technical rooms, with oak floors in living rooms and frost-proof tiles on the balconies. The interior walls are made with bricks, done with abrasion resistant coating, wooden EURO windows and balcony doors are double-glazed with insulating glass, fire proof entrance doors have safety forgings and a 3rd safety class door locks. The new build, with apartments on the embankment in Karlin is so designed, that what had been once considered above standard, here is a part of the standard apartment equipment, with its bonus is the beautiful view of the river.

Karlin – district - friendly to artist

25. 08. 2014

 There are Prague districts which act outwardly very orderly, clean even idyllic, but for artistic
creation is totally uninteresting, and conversely district, which at first glance looks a bit chaotic, diverse, perhaps dramatic, by artists from different reasons literally fascinate. The site, which is very inspiring artistic creation is clearly Karlin, and not by accident that there are new studios, galleries and exhibition spaces under the open sky. Karlin partially shifting social life, which was previously the domain of the city center. The renovated factory buildings in Karlin become a unique space for the presentation of modern and alternative art, there are organized fashion shows, spectacular concerts and former CKD Karlin Hall even became the venue of the competition beauty queens.

From working quarter respected district

20. 08. 2014

 After more than 10 years since the flood, Karlin has a fresh impression a district was in a certain way lighten, and even if there were a number of new buildings, most of them perfectly fit here and create a new strategic points that contribute to the good functioning of the entire district. Fears about Karlin will become purely an administrative area, fortunately not materialized. Currently Karlin is one of the fastest growing and successful area of Prague. Competitive and elite urban quarter with a strong modern economy to provide quality services to residents and comfortable accommodation. Thanks to its central location, a wide choice of services in the neighborhood and exceptional industrial spirit, Carlin became very popular. Therefore, it is natural that there will grow Rezidence Vltava that offers luxury apartments on the waterfront.

31. 07. 2014

The New Face of Rohan Island

22. 07. 2014

Rohan Island, along with several other islands, is surrounded by river Vltava from both sides since sixteenth century. But in the twenties of the past century, the city started here doing construction and demolition works. Because of that, a large amount of debris had ended up on the bottom of Vltava and its basin, which separated Rohan island from the mainland that was filled. The new project anticipates that all of the islands will be completely restored for the people of Prague and will provide greater comfort. And all this, in the area, the size of two Wenceslas Squares, full of life and greenery. Residence Vltava is one of the cornerstones of this project.

The Vltava Residence project hosted an informal picnic

15. 05. 2014

On Thursday, 15 May 2014 the Vltava Residence project hosted an informal picnic. Yishay Furman, director of the developer Horizon Holding, used this occasion for a press conference where he presented the architecturally unique residential project with innovative functional elements that is being built on the Rohan Embankment. All participants of this unconventional event could also get a bird’s-eye-view of the construction site – and there was truly great interest. Everyone enjoyed the relaxing music and could satisfy their taste buds with excellent food and refreshments. Guests were also given a sneak preview of an impressive presentation video, and learned about the launch of the new Facebook page, where you can already see several snapshots from the picnic. The FB page will be used to regularly publish information on construction and interesting news from the neighborhood, to introduce the people responsible for this amazing project, to present contests, and much more – always in Czech with an English translation.

Construction of Vltava Residence has begun

10. 12. 2013

On Tuesday 10 December 2013, construction was begun on Vltava Residence. The work is being performed by company VCES, which has been successful in its field for more than 20 years. The company was chosen as a reliable partner capable of meting the developer’s high demands. “This is proven among other things by the fact that in 2013 three projects by VCES made it into the shortlist for the Construction Project of the Year awards,” stated Soňa Tomášková of Horizon Holding, the developer behind Vltava Residence.


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